Divorce Support (Non-Legal, Practical and Emotional) When You Need It


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Divorce is not the end.  Instead, it is a time for new beginnings


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Dear Divorce Coach provides you with tools to move forward at any stage of separation or divorce.

They are your divorce educators, guides and strategic thinking partners,

often available when others are not.


A Divorce Coach Helps You:

1. Organize yourself for divorce

2. Frame questions for your legal professional

3. Think through non-therapeutic emotional issues

4. Make decisions about the marital home

5. Plan for budgeting, spending and financial education.

6. Develop ideas to include in a parenting plan that works for you and your family

7. A divorce coach is a thinking partner who holds you to gentle accountability and is often available when other professionals are not

8. With a divorce coach, you will gain confidence, feel less overwhelmed and be able to successfully move forward!

Reach out to Dear Divorce Coach today!

Phone/text: Cherie Morris 301-928-4695 or Vicki Vollweiler 516-225-5224
Email:   / Website: www.deardivorcecoach.com
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CDC Certified Divorce Coach certified by the CDC Board of Standards and Graduate of the CDC College for Divorce Coaching