Welcome To Dear Divorce Coach


Dear Divorce Coach is your “Go to” place where you can find much of the information you need as you navigate the often chaotic world of Separation and Divorce. We have included information about how to get legal help, manage financial matters, navigate the emotional maze, think about parenting and get support for it, and much much more!…Read More

About Cherie


Cherie Morris is a lawyer, certified yoga teacher, mother and writer. She attended Duke University and the University of Iowa College of Law. She worked as a lawyer from 1991 through 2003 and since that time has worn many hats: COO of a law firm, yoga teacher, and author.

Cherie’s legal training makes her approach to issues logical and reasoned. She began exploring alternate dispute resolution and transformative mediation in order to understand how to change the nature of conflict and improve dynamics when conflict occurs, in litigation and otherwise, when a solely rational approach may not succeed. Her approach to conflict now is that rational thinking must be accompanied by the ability to empathize and compromise in order to achieve successful results. A divorce agreement is a very important contract that requires each party to recognize, and think about, the long-term consequences of taking specific action now.…Read More

About Vicki


Vicki Vollweiler is a Certified Divorce Coach with her undergraduate degree from Hofstra University and her MBA degree from Syracuse University where she attended on full scholarship.
While she has been divorced for several years, she continues to see the need for education about the divorce process for those first entering into its complexities. Vicki is a perpetual analyst and views most things from a very logical perspective. Her strengths include setting goals and planning action steps to reach those goals. She works with her clients to plan strategy so that the divorce agreement is all encompassing with no questions left unasked. She believes in “Children’s Best Interest” while making sure that the divorce agreement is thoroughly thought through, various scenarios are examined, and situations are discussed which might not have been considered by the client. As a thinking partner, the goal is for the client to fully understand the contract which he or she will be signing. This contract will contain all of the details pertaining to the children, asset division and support.…Read More