Dear Divorce Coach: What are my options? Should I hire a mediator?



My husband left me 2 months ago without any warning. He’s claiming emotional abuse and taking no responsibility. I’ve taken full responsibility and asked for his forgiveness and he has yet to give me what I need – a date and some structure. There are a thousand and one people involved and 2 biblical counselor’s – one he’s seeing and one who’s seeing us. I feel that both are taking his side and claiming I need to submit to him and just take all responsibility, no one is calling him on his stuff. It’s been 2 months and he is continuing to not take any responsibility. What are my options? Should I hire a mediator? …read more

Top 5 Financial Loose-Ends to Tie Up Before You Untie the Knot


When couples are in the midst of the divorce process, they have a lot on their minds. They are typically just trying to get through each day one step at a time. Often, the absolute last thing they want to face is their financial picture and what changes are taking place as a result of the dissolution of the marriage. …read more

Should I Keep Or Sell The Family Home?


One of the toughest, most emotional decisions of divorce is whether to keep or sell the family home. You have so many memories of starting a life together with your partner, bringing home a child, having a family pet, celebrating family holidays together, but, when the relationship ends, so do the dreams you once had for your future in the home together. …read more

Should I Take a 401k Loan??


It is so difficult to sort through the financial minutiae in the midst of a divorce. Believe me – I know. I was right there only a few short years ago.

It can feel overwhelming knowing there is so much riding on these potentially life changing decisions. But, all you need is to be armed with the right information at the right time. You need to know what will affect you, your taxes, and your financial well-being down the road. As with anything, it takes some time, research and a little planning. I’m here to help! …read more

Resumes, Career Coaching and Interview Preparation


Ever think about life post-divorce? What about your career? Were you a stay at home parent? Were you already a full time employee? Do you need to earn even more money now that you are flying solo?

I think most of us, after experiencing a separation and divorce, can relate to examining all facets of our lives and that certainly includes the area of money, personal finance and career. We may think about work-life balance. We may think about the need for cash. We may think about how empowering it is to be single and the desire to climb the corporate ladder. Whatever the motivation, you will need a well crafted resume as well as possibly some career coaching or interview preparation to get you to where you want to go. …read more

3 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Marriage (from someone who is divorced!)


I met with a couple the other night. As a divorce coach, I primarily meet with individuals but I enjoy working with couples as well. This couple has decided to divorce and I am helping to facilitate and navigate the various issues that are beginning to arise, even with minimal conflict.
While with this couple, “Bob” told me privately about “Susie’s” …read more

3 Steps To Reduce Financial Worry In Divorce


Divorce and money always seem to be intertwined and certainly not in a good way. Kind of like the chicken and the egg. Did money problems cause the divorce or did the divorce cause money problems? Usually, the answer to both questions is YES! For many people, marriage involves financial stress…and lots of it …read more