The DDC “All You Need To Know About Divorce” Weekly Series


Are you contemplating separation and/or divorce but don’t know where to begin?

Are you in the middle of divorce but feeling completely overwhelmed?


Dear Divorce Coach has put together three programs to answer your questions, calm your concerns, and plan a course of action.  You will be educated about the process, find relief in knowledge and have the ability to make clear decisions for yourself and your children.




DDC Entry Level Program:

You receive The DDC All You Need To Know About Divorce weekly series of email with relevant content, including six weekly emails, in any order, covering topics related to:

  • Financial: Assets, Debt, Income, Liabilities
  • Custody Issues
  • Support for Children and Spouses
  • To Keep Or Sell The Home
  • Health Insurance
  • Communication in Divorce
  • Self Care

In addition to weekly emails, you will receive valuable bonus material including the DDC Separation Starter Kit and the DDC Thought Journal.



The DDC Silver Program:

The DDC Silver Program provides you with the opportunity to gain more clarity regarding your largest concerns :

  • Everything listed above in the intro package
  • Two live Skype or Facetime coaching sessions–with Cherie Morris.  
    • One session will focus on your financial concerns and questions you have in separation and divorce and the the other live session will focus on Communication in Divorce.  
  • Valuable bonus material including the Separation Starter Kit and the DDC Thought Journal.



DDC Gold Package:

With DDC Gold, you will receive:

  • Everything in the Intro and Silver Packages
  • Additionally DDC will continue to work personally with you and provide you with support and guidance via four additional weekly emails after the Live Sessions.
    • Cherie Morris will respond, weekly, to your personal questions about your separation and divorce.
    • They will provide information about resources that may specifically help you, including attorney, therapeutic and financial referrals.
    • They will also continue to support your ability to act as your best self and give you tips that will help you continue to move forward in your life to support yourself and your children optimally.



If you wish to continue your work with Cherie, we will provide you with a preferred rate to have live Skype or FaceTime sessions or additional email correspondence with them. This rate will not be offered to other clients.

Call now to speak with Cherie to discuss the customized support you need in separation and divorce. The resources you expend on a divorce coach will likely be the best value in your divorce.


Phone/text: Cherie Morris 301-928-4695 
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