Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Certified Divorce Coach? 

The definition of a divorce coach, as defined by the American Bar Association is: “A flexible, goal oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs and concerns.”  With the help and guidance of a trained Certified Divorce Coach, time spent with the attorney will be more productive and both client and attorney will be able to work together more efficiently in the pursuit of desired goals.

Are you a therapist?  Are you a mediator?

A trained Certified Divorce Coach is not a therapist or a mediator.  The CDC works with individuals going through divorce to help the individual set goals and plan strategy so that they may lead the best life possible.  A CDC will say to the client…”Tell me where you are and what you would like to see happen.  Now, how should we get there…”  The therapist, on the other hand, may ask “So what brought you to this situation?”

Once the client’s goals are set, both the coach and client work together to break the tasks down into smaller steps so that goals can be achieved.  The Coach is also able to provide referrals to various professionals who can aid the client in getting necessary information so that she/he can move forward.

Do you create the divorce agreement?

A Certified Divorce Coach is not an attorney and therefore does not create the divorce agreement.  However, the client is the ultimate decision maker as to the content of their own divorce agreement.  Therefore, the Coach and Client can discuss all items that are open to negotiation to determine the client’s goals, needs, and expectations.  The Coach may provide general information pertaining to divorce law but cannot provide legal advice pertaining to a specific situation.

So then, why hire a divorce coach?

The Certified Divorce Coach will act as your thinking partner, sounding board, support system and champion.  When emotions run high, it is best not to call your attorney as their role is to focus on the business of divorce.  You will need a thinking partner and guide to help you down the path to determine what is worth fighting for and for those things that are not, how to best manage the situation.  For instance…is it really worth going through lawyers to fight over the $30 teapot?

Will you work with my attorney?

We will be glad to work with your attorney only if you wish we should do so.

Finances are tight. How can I justify the additional expense of a divorce coach?

The goal of Dear Divorce Coach is to allow you to lead the best life possible.  And this certainly includes your personal finances!   By discussing all aspects of divorce with your Coach, such as Child Support, Spousal Support, work history, parenting plans, emotional conflicts, the marital home, etc., you are able to develop and realize your own unique set of goals and needs.  When this is realized you are able to work more efficiently with your attorney which may allow you to not only save money in legal fees but also better prepare you financially for life after the divorce stipulation is signed.

How long will the process take?

Each individual is unique.  Sessions, which are typically about 60 minutes can be purchased on an individual basis, purchased for a one month period, or may be customized to allow for multiple calls during the week over a set period of time.  Some individuals prefer this last option when tensions are running extremely high.

Do we have regular weekly appointments?

Regular weekly appointments are available and can be conducted face to face, by phone or by skype.

Are you available for emergencies?

Yes, we always find time during the course of the day to speak with our clients because when you are going through a divorce…anything can happen, at any time.  At Dear Divorce Coach, we are there to support our clients and provide that objective voice so that clients are always reassured and comforted.

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