How We Help Divorce Professionals In Separation and Divorce

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As a Family Law or other divorce professional, you witness, every day, the struggles that your clients face. At Dear Divorce Coach, in our divorce coaching practice, we also meet many people experiencing the struggles of separation and divorce. We like to collaborate with lawyers, mediators, therapists and other divorce professionals we know and trust and to whom we can refer our clients. We also like you to know us, and what we do, so that you can refer your clients to us too. You are the experts in your field and we provide support that allows you to do your job even better. We have tools that allow us to help our client, and potentially yours, calm the overwhelm to move forward with clarity and more certainty.

What can we do for you, and your clients, right now?

  • Help your client calm the emotional overwhelm in going from married to unmarried and, with coaching exercises, create behavior in line with their long-term goals;
  • Help your client plan for their financial well-being with the creation of basic budgets, help with net worth statements, if needed, the creation of spending plans, along with discussions of income, expenses, and planning.
  • Help your client think through whether to plan to keep or sell the marital home.
  • Help your client plan for the next stage of parenting by creating a structure for the children’s best interests with referrals to qualified parenting professionals, as needed.
  • Hold your client’s hand, allowing you more time to focus on the needs of all of your clients.
  • Listen to the client’s story and help them address sources of stress.
  • We can continue to work with clients, on your behalf, both mid and post-divorce as the client begins to move forward with concerns regarding career, dating, co-parenting, etc.
  • We are also able to provide referrals to specialists in the areas of finance, therapy and real estate based on the client’s goals and needs.
  • Lastly, having a divorce coach on your team will differentiate your services and offerings. You will stand out in the marketplace as offering a more caring and holistic approach for your clients.

Cherie Morris, Certified Divorce Coach, is here to help those facing divorce succeed on financial, emotional and parenting terms that work for the client’s own individual needs. Dear Divorce Coach provides the practical and emotional support that is needed during both separation and divorce. The strategies, techniques, and exercises enable your clients to move forward with a positive attitude and renewed confidence! You will have a better-prepared client.

We, at Dear Divorce Coach, would like to work with you and your clients. We have an opportunity, right now, to create a relationship with you that will be beneficial to both you and your clients.

Please contact us at 301- 928-4695 or by email at to discuss available times to meet or talk further. We also invite you to visit our website to learn more about Dear Divorce Coach at

We’re looking forward to serving your needs and those of your clients too!

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