What is Divorce Coaching?

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Dear Divorce Coach provides practical and emotional support during your divorce. The strategies and techniques enable you to navigate and manage your divorce journey so you can move forward with a positive attitude. You will move forward with confidence.

What Can Dear Divorce Coach Do for Me?


Dear Divorce Coach helps you discover your core values so that you can begin to make every decision related to your separation or divorce (or decision to stay married) that is in line with those values.


Dear Divorce Coach uses coaching exercises we have developed so that you can use your new understanding to make important decisions at every stage of the process as well as into the future.


Dear Divorce Coach has many tools you can easily access to calm the overwhelm and manage your anxiety during this significant life change. We will share our skills with you that help you use these tools, every day, to behave in the way you choose with your soon to be former spouse and children if you have them as well as your colleagues, friends and family.


Cherie and Vicki will explain each stage of the process to you. We’ve been there and can help you frame questions for your legal and other professionals and also help you decide if you need therapeutic or parenting support too.


Dear Divorce Coach will help you uncover who you are now and who you want to be going forward with tools they have developed with their educational backgrounds, as coaches, as mothers and as divorced women.  Together, we will define an action plan that will inspire you to keep moving forward towards a future that you are excited and happy to live.


Cherie and Vicki are available by text, email, phone and  video conference too. We want to meet you where you are now and in the future so that you can successfully launch your next chapter.  Please send your emails to coach@deardivorcecoach.com.

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Phone/text: Cherie Morris 301-928-4695 or Vicki Vollweiler 516-225-5224
Email:   / Website: www.deardivorcecoach.com
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CDC Certified Divorce Coach certified by the CDC Board of Standards and Graduate of the CDC College for Divorce Coaching