How Will Dear Divorce Coach Help Me

Dear Divorce Coach Helps You:

1. Organize yourself for divorce.

2. Process through those items (both financial and otherwise) that need to be considered when thinking about divorce. 

3. Gain confidence, feel less overwhelmed and successfully transition from married to unmarried!

4. Think through questions for your legal professional so that your time is spent wisely.

5. Work through non-therapeutic emotional issues related to the loss of marriage. 

6. Create personal goals and action plans so that you are able to move in the direction you need instead of remaining overwhelmed and “stuck.” 

7. Make decisions about the marital home.

8. Plan for budgeting, spending and financial education.

9. Develop ideas to include in a parenting plan that works for you and your family

10. Move forward by Dear Divorce Coach serving as your facilitator and thinking partner at any time of day that is convenient for you.

At Dear Divorce Coach, we look forward to serving our clients.  We are available when you need us because divorce is not always 9am-5pm.  Our goal, is to make sure that you have the tools to be happy and successful now and in the future!