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Communicate better with your spouse or ex-spouse through our coaching for couples.


Create a parenting plan that works for your family.


Take care of yourself and your children with Dear Divorce Coach.


Organize for the process of separation and divorce.


Frame your mindset for your future with coaching for individuals.

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Cherie Morris

Owner and Certified Divorce Coach

I practice as a Certified Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator . I'm trained as a lawyer, yoga teacher and am also an author and mother.

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“Cherie is one of those rare people with genuine warmth and compassion for a situation, alongside an ability to make you feel at ease when opening up about often painful and frustrating times."


“Cherie is a dedicated, caring coach that will help you through this difficult transition.”


“Cherie held my hand through separation and divorce in person, by phone, email or quick text messages. She advised on practical issues and comforted me on emotional ones. "

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coaching for individuals
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