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5 Traits Of The Single Dad That Women Should Know


If you are dating a single dad, you need to understand who they are, right now. Although certainly all men are not the s
ame, there are some common themes in the animal kingdom for divorced, heterosexual, human males. Consider each of them when you decide how to proceed in your relationship and you will likely find more satisfaction in whatever comes next.

  1. He may be emotionally depleted. Most women are used to complex emotional interactions with many people in their lives. Many men are not. When experiencing divorce, men tend to be more exhausted than usual and need some time to re-engage. If you are dating a single dad, recognize his signals. If he says he’s not ready to commit, believe him. If he says he is, decide. If it’s right for you, then proceed with care. He is likely juggling his work and parenting roles in new ways now and space for a relationship may be limited–at least at first. Make sure your expectations are in line with what he tells you he is willing to give.
  2. He’s busy. Single dads may rediscover a love of archery or electronic music and spend disproportionate amounts of free time pursuing it. If you’re dating him and don’t love his passion, consider moving on. Likely, between work, kids and hobby, you cannot be his number one priority, at least at first.
  3. He has a new sense of style. He may be more slovenly if he never picked out his clothes before or a fashion icon now if he does. Whatever his choice, he’s likely to take pride in his independence. If he’s your date and you can’t stomach his choices, he’s likely not the man for you. His kids will eventually play fashion police with him so rest assured you don’t need to do so.
  4. He is still much the same man he was. Take your cues from what he tells you about his divorce if you are dating him but pay attention to what you experience. Can he cooperate with his ex or does he blame her for all of his problems? If it’s the latter, it’s likely you may be the next woman about whom he complains. Trust what you see and not just what you hear. This takes time so proceed slowly and keep expectations low, for now. Let him show you who he is instead of telling you as seeing how he behaves is a much greater predictor of how
  5. He wants to reconnect with females but maybe in a new way. His ex may not be what you expect if you are dating him. He may be experimenting or clarifying what he wants and who he is right now. It’s likely he’s learned a few lessons about himself in divorce and is trying to make choices in a relationship that are different from previous ones. If that’s a good fit for you, that’s very good news as single dads are often already the caring intimacy seeking creatures we hope for in a relationship.

In the event you find a divorced dad too challenging to manage, and you are just dating, let him know it’s not a good fit right now. You will do him a great service in allowing him to focus on his work and kids without any drama. If you understand who he is and can accept it, and he you, enjoy! Of course, contemplating meeting his kids may be next but enjoy this stage right now and keep your focus on each other.


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