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Divorce, Perceptions and Happiness


As we literally and metaphorically open the door to a new season, what should we sweep outside and what should we keep close?
In your separation or divorce, are you angry and bitter because your family life is disrupted and you don’t know where you are headed? Or, are you able to see just a little bit of light in your life now that a complicated relationship, whether your choice or not, is done? Can you shift, even a little, to see that you might have the opportunity to love again and appreciate more?

Are you worried about money or thankful for what you do have? Are you interested in engaging the world in new ways to make life less about what you need than what you have? Of course, this isn’t easy–or all of us would already be there. It’s a journey for everyone. Instead, each day, do one small thing, even if it’s only creating a mental image, to be grateful. Over time, and with practice, you will see much more that you appreciate.
Once we are able to reframe perceptions, the stress and worry can begin to dissipate, a little.  Happiness and joy will start to shine through, first in moments and, bit by bit, a new life begins. You can thrive–again.  ​

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