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Top Tools To Help In Your Divorce: A Good Coach and Alimentor, the Co-Parenting App


When we first contemplate divorce, or are surprised by the news that our spouse wants one, how do we feel? Perhaps we are sad, angry, confused, betrayed, overwhelmed…the list goes on and on. Our experiences as divorce coaches, and women who have experienced divorce ourselves, tell us that it does not matter if you are male or female, or the person leaving the relationship or the person being left, there is most often extreme overwhelm.  Knowing this, how is anyone supposed to make good decisions at such a difficult time? The truth is that most people cannot—at least initially. However, there are ways to get support to help yourself right now: find a good divorce coach and a good co-parenting app! Both are invaluable allies in your separation and divorce with children.

Often, in times of difficulty we first turn to those we know and love to help us. Of course, this can be a good thing. However, when dealing with divorce, the results can be mixed. Sometimes, well-meaning relatives, friends and even acquaintances can offer advice that speaks to them but not at all to our individual circumstances or us. Their input may, unintentionally, set up a dynamic with a STBX (soon to be ex) that may not serve us very well in the long run. Friends and family are likely fiercely protective of you and angry, whatever the cause, with your spouse. This may, in turn, trigger an upset in your home with children who recognize only that conflict exists.
It may surprise you to hear that some people in our lives, even close relatives, may be able to offer no support at all. They may, intentionally or not, create bad feelings within us that are confusing and stressful.  You may even find yourself very much alone. So, how can you cope in this terrible moment?
How do you take steps to move forward and make all of the decisions required? A divorce coach and a good co-parenting app can be invaluable allies at this critical juncture.
Certainly, you may not know all that you need right now but a divorce coach can help. From selecting a legal professional who is right for you to helping you create a parenting plan that’s specific to the needs of you and your family, a good divorce coach will help you organize (both your thoughts and your financials), plan for your future and guide you through the divorce process and beyond. Most importantly, while doing all of this, your Divorce Coach will help you remember who you are and who you want to be after this life transition. The other professionals in your life, including your lawyer, will likely be thrilled there is someone to “hold your hand” and help organize your life and your mind for this very difficult and stressful process. You can (and will) save time and money with a divorce coach by your side.
In addition, part of getting organized requires a systematic way to gather and save information. With feelings of overwhelm, this can be difficult. A good co-parenting app, like Alimentor, in the App Store and found here at it’s website can help you gather information to eventually create and  send reports or share a database of information with a co-parent for better communication.
A divorce coach often works with a client, first, to understand their goals and needs and make a plan for taking action steps in line with who they are and who they want to be in this process. In addition, the coach will help a client plan strategy so that the divorce agreement is a thoughtful document that allows the parties to dissolve their current relationship and perhaps build a new co-parenting one. A divorce coach can start you on the path to financial independence by helping plan your budget and/or recommending financial advisors who are a good fit for you. If you need therapeutic support, a coach will make good vetted recommendations too!
In sum, you can prepare for your divorce, whether it’s your idea or not by contacting a divorce coach, first, and downloading Alimentor, to organize your new co-parenting life, including schedules and expenses.  Your divorce coach is there for you at each stage and will continue to provide the support you want and need. Alimentor is a tool that will help you each step of the way as you make decisions based on data gathered to de-escalate and foster good communication for your children.

From a thriving client:
I can say that coaching has made a significant difference in how I have tried to move forward from my Divorce.  It has not always been easy, nor has it always been a happy experience, but Cherie’s approach and willingness to listen and suggest different strategies has made moving forward possible.  That is something I never imagined being possible before.  Much more than simple suggestions, her practical approach and action oriented strategies through establishing a partnership with the client has been of great value to me as I work through this process. Editor’s note: In conjunction with direct coaching work, I ask a client with children to download Alimentor right away to begin the process of information gathering and store in a format that is easily shareable with a co-parent, preferably, and their lawyer, as needed.

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