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Coaching That Works To Manage Conflict

Coaching That Works For Your Conflict
Cherie Morris, JD, CDC

I recently wrote a blog post on recompose.us, which you can read right here. The post discusses how therapy and coaching can help with marital and co-parent conflict.

Here’s How It Works:

If you are having trouble in a marital relationship, or a co-parenting one, this may be a way to move forward for you. You know the wise adage, “Don’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.” It’s true of what we often do in our own relationships when we don’t have the tools to behave differently.

Coaching allows you to try something different in a very practical way. When I am coaching you, I will ask you to try something different than you may have done before. I will hold you gently accountable to the process and techniques too on a regular basis.

The difference between therapy and coaching is clear: I focus on practical tools to shift behavior.

More specifically, I will give you a framework for progress. 

Framework for Progress:

  • Get clear on your values
  • Discuss what isn’t working and what is
  • Plan for a shift to implement in your everyday interactions
  • Practice the shift
  • Plan for accountability practices
  • Report back about what’s happening
  • Create modifications to the plan as needed

This framework is designed for success because it is about YOU and YOUR life and goals. This means it is not a generic or aspirational set of guidelines but real and practical ideas about how you communicate, behave and respond in your conflict. What you do to practice your skills matter and you can create a habit for success. 

In addition to regular check-ins, when you are my client, you can text or email me too. As needed, we can have calls and Zoom sessions. We will stay present and focused upon your needs.

Reach out today  and let’s discuss what’s working and what may need a shift. You deserve it.

Cherie Morris, J.D,CDC is a mediator, parent coordinator and coach dedicated to de-escalating conflicts for individuals, couples, co-parents and others too. Reach out today to see if she can support your needs. You can reach her at cherie@deardivorcecoach.com.


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