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Alternative Dispute Resolution

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Parenting Coordinator, I can help you now!

Are you at an impasse with a spouse, business partner, family member or neighbor?

Would you like some assistance in resolving the matter and avoiding litigation?

We would like to help. We are a wellness-informed, alternative dispute resolution collaboration called Recompose Us.

Whether you need to end your marriage and transition to a two-household family, you’re at an impasse with your spouse about the use of your frozen embryos, at odds about pet custody, grandparent visitation, or a family business disagreement. Whatever the issue, our services are designed to support you in navigating through the process with grace, strength, and compassion. You can resolve the matter in the privacy of our offices, away from a courthouse. We offer dispute resolution and disagreement management for your ease of mind.

Call Us to Discuss How We Can Help!

If you have a conflict that requires support, reach out today about our dispute resolution services. Let’s discuss how we could be of service in getting the issues resolved with disagreement management.

Reach out now for a free consultation.


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