Here's What My Clients Have To Say:.

“A Divorce Coach. Really? Is that a thing? Really? Why, yes it is, and thank goodness for that. Finding Cherie was a lifesaver. Once I was ready to take the steps to divorce, I realized I really didn’t know what the next step was. How do I tell my soon-to-be-ex? Should I hire a lawyer? What is going to happen as it relates to our son? Can I file for divorce on my own? How does Child Support work? Alimony? What about if my soon-to-be-ex is not working, how will that impact things?

For anyone who has determined they are ready to take that step towards divorce, do yourself a favor and read Cherie’s e-book; then book a face-to-face session with her, you won’t be sorry.

At such a volatile time in my life, filled with disbelief, fear, emotion, anger, sadness, confusion, and determination, I walked into Cherie’s office and felt a sense of peace. From her breathing exercises, the essential oils for aromatherapy and her calm demeanor, I could feel the tension and worry slowly dissipate from my body. At no time did I feel judged. When I expressed, on occasion, that I wondered if I was making the right decision, she never made me feel small or tried to convince me of going in one direction or another. What she did was be kind, she shared stories from her own divorce experience. She would go back to what I told her when I began the process. If that statement was what I wanted to achieve, would my current belief system support this? Did my intention change, because if I did, that was fine. I just needed to be clear of what my intention was.

More From Clients:.

I am very grateful for Cherie. My ex and I were together for 14 years and have three amazing children. Cherie has helped us break poor communication habits. She has coached us on how to be effective co-parents. She always has our children’s best interest in mind and keeps us focused on logic and resolving core issues. She is very fair, and I like that she holds us both accountable. She is smart, tactful, and witty. She is very accessible and fair on her billing. She also has helped proof read my resume. She has been there from the beginning to end of our divorce process and will continue to be a coach for us. And I say us because my ex and I really like and respect her. And my ex is very hard to please. He also is the type that doesn’t believe in therapy and coaching… maybe he is a believer now? Well at least in coaching…

“Her recommendations led me to professionals who could provide assistance on my path to divorce; a mediator, a lawyer, an accountant. It was wonderful that I could go to professionals vetted by Cherie; I knew I was in good hands. My advice to you…work with Cherie because she offers kindness at such a vulnerable time. Meet with Cherie because of her understanding of the divorce process intimately, she has her own divorce story, so she knows this walk from the inside out. Hire Cherie because she is readily accessible by phone, text, or email (and she responds quickly). Choose Cherie because of her network of professionals. See Cherie because she offers the impartial feedback one so desperately needs at this pivotal moment in life. Work with Cherie…I promise you, you won’t be sorry. “

“Working with Cherie has been an absolute blessing. I was lucky to meet her at the outset of my separation, and her patient guidance and thoughtful advice quickly became a very important pillar in my process. She helped me understand the various pieces in the huge puzzle that separation and divorce seemed to me, how they all fit together, and what I could do to ensure that the process was as painless as possible, not only logistically but also in substance. She helped me remain at my best and held me gently accountable for the goals we set along the way. I always felt stronger, more empowered, better equipped to face the challenges ahead when I left a meeting with Cherie. I still have some ways to go to finalize my process, and I intend to keep working with Cherie through its end. Her wise advice, exquisite demeanor, and vast knowledge and experience continue to be golden to me.”

“Cherie is a dedicated, caring coach that will help you through this difficult transition.”

“I met Cherie Morris when I relocated to DC, and over the past few years I have had the good fortune to call Cherie a close friend. The Cherie that I have to come to know and respect is approachable, humble, thoughtful, compassionate, an interested listener, and trustworthy. Additionally, Cherie has a wicked sense of humor! Cherie is a uniquely qualified divorce coach as she has a blended family personally understanding all of the daily challenges this presents. As a mother, wife, divorcee, lawyer and certified coach she has the experienced to serve those going through a difficult life transition.”

“For anyone in the difficult position of considering separation or divorce, Dear Divorce Coach (DDC) should be your first call. From initial triage to mining the steep emotional and financial challenges that the prospect of divorce presents, DDC partner, Cherie Morris, offers comprehensive and compassionate guidance, informed by her experience as a lawyer, business owner, yoga instructor and, importantly, a divorced parent. DDC’s expertise and holistic approach is an empowering source of practical and emotional support from which anyone embarking on this path can benefit. “


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